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Old Relationships - New Relationships.


With selves, other selves, experiences, events, systems, pasts, present now moments, or projected futures.

Old energetic relationships were about manifesting experiences, events, trauma’s, relationships etc., based in duality. Our very own polarized energies , patterns, programs of duality.

We sought to create experiences of discomfort to create the potential of achieving a state of unconditional love for self and other selves.

Where we may have been people pleasers, we manifested users, where we may have had programs of inferiority, we manifested experiences of superiority and never being good enough, where we had programs of being a victim empath, we manifested the perfection of manifested experiences of narcissism. Where we had programs of scarcity, we manifested experiences of poverty. Where we had programs of victim, we manifested experiences of abuse, where we had programs of disempowerment, we created experiences of disempowerment. Where we had programs of putting others on pedastalls, loving them more than self, we created, experience of loss of love. Where we had programs of abandonment, we manifested experience of loss, where we had programs of betrayal, we manifested experiences of betrayal, cheating, where we had programs of non wholeness, we experienced manifested separation, where we had programs of separation, we manifested perfect experiences of aloneness.

Like living a shadow life, of our parents and ancestors programs, with a part KNOWING, there always was more.

Any event, situation, relationship, experience, that has attachment, resistance, judgement, projection, discomfort of any sort, a charge, a trigger is opportunity for self, to transform an unconscious program in self.

This was the purpose of our own co-created creations, to utilize what we learned in these relationships, events, experiences, traumas, etc. to find our way back to our true power. Instead, we fell into the victim programs and continued to project fear, over and over and over again.

The funny thing was, that these programs were accepted in the moment we chose to incarnate and in our conception, we said yes, to these programs from our parents, and ancestors. And so we began to play in the game of duality. Another perfect co-creation, until we said, okay, enough. I am ready to find another way. Or we gathered and remembered all we needed to know about, pain, trauma, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, or any other 3D human conditions, that would be our gold, later on.

We came here to transform them all, to their highest potentials of unconditional LOVE , to consciously transform duality. We said YES, to those gifts, yes to that dualistic blueprint, Yes to a 3D experience, a perfect canvas to re paint, or re-script and play our roles in anchoring and embodying LOVE, and therefore, To re-align with our original blueprints.

SO, some began to remember how to neutralize duality, some sought assistance, did research, sought to find a way , to begin to undo, these old programs, to be able to change their own timelines and become conscious co-creators.

Yes my purpose was to come here, experience, tackle, and transform duality, all that was there to trick me and convince me that I was not LOVE.

So, as we begin to understand our power, we begin to play from a new point of view, and soon we being to neutralize the polarity in self. One of our first points of separation is the belief that there is a split between Masculine and Feminine.

With each step we take in collapsing duality in self, we begin to align with the oneness of divine feminine and divine masculine within.

We are currently witnessing an obvious appearance of these couples, offering something that seems new or different.

These conscious relationships are one example of a new embodied and anchored picture of this. As these couples anchor and embody the frequency of sacred union , embodied , through unconditional love , and let go of duality within the relationship we begin to experience and align with the potential of a third energy , “ I call the golden child” also the “9” part of the 369 equation of love, That Tesla spoke about.

In truth, they think that they are doing this process as two humans, becoming one, but in truth, they are two people doing this within self, first and foremost. And not as two separate beings becoming one, but two individuals utilizing the gift of having an immediate mirror of self and often initially attached to not being able to do this alone. But still a process that they are doing first and foremost for self, in self.

All of this appears to be external , and yet it is manifested , by self , so all experience is a reflection of every individual first and foremost . My intel is , that many of us will achieve this state in December , 2020, regardless of relationship status.

Some of us choose to experience this powerful integration of unconditional love within self first or only. And these individuals are doing the very same thing, only without an immediate mirror to play with, reflect with, dance with, etc. via an immediate reflection.

Alignment with our own divine feminine , divine masculine and the birthing of the golden child third energy , the true power of love , our own unified alignment of our own trinity, mind body soul as one, father son and Holy Ghost , as one . Reverence and unconditional love for self , first in self , then mirrored and finally , all these humans embodying their trinity in self , the foundation of our multi dimensionality anchored consciously being the new frequency , of unity and oneness , here to co create the.

The third energy is our very own activated, a picture on non-separation, the 369 equation of unconditional love, now accessing, universal power of love, self actualized.

When the human anchors this equation, within their very own being, fully embodied and anchored, then we create a new mirror of conscious mirroring again. Bringing in , a conscious ability to experience, another layer, level of our multi dimension aspect/s, now embodied in full consciousness, in the human form, making us conduits, key holders, code carriers, this universal equation, now projection outwards, as a channel, a frequency of multi dimensional, human beings, consciously dancing, knowing, being and playing here now, in the field of oneness.

As we achieve this in self, we then create a mirror and then we create an further expanded experience of this, and then we create, conscious co-creators and then we create co-created systems, new co-created dreams, new co-created codes, grids, pathways etc. etc. etc. Projecting new ways of being, in a new co-created reality, manifesting our new earth, as one.

Indeed .We truly are the ones that we have been waiting for.

There are many paths up a mountain, I simply share my own.

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