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The New Code of Unity.

After the universal gifts of the 11:11 gateway and enough of humanity purging enough to allow for the embodiment of the divine feminine energy, where we now carry to frequency of sacred masculine and sacred feminine, within. Our new code of Unity and another great leap into Oneness, anchored.

Many at this time are experiencing surrender of all that was created from old self, old programs, anything that appeared anchored in the old matrix will go through a death, from the center of self, right through to all external creations.

The human self, may experience a seemingly real loss, grief, letting go, surrendering and wonder what on earth am I suppose to do now. I thought this was, ME, or my dream, my mission, my purpose, my life, now what.

This is in actual fact, simply a reset, for further expansion.

for example, many business ventures will appear to need to come to an end, there will be strong signs for the collapsing of all of it. Some will surrender it, some will lose it, but no matter, the story attached, there is a necessity for this collapse, this dissolution, this death to occur. It is simply dying its existence in, and Upon the old 3D matrix grid of reality.

Relationship to everything, of old creation will go through death and reset to an aligned state of new being-ness to new creation, upon the new grid.

Very quickly , with in days, at most weeks, as those old dreams upgrade and then (re-)conceive in new birth, through the merged feminine and masculine principals within self now as a foundation for new creation in the 5D + frequencies

New creations contain the foundation of the yin yang, balanced masculine feminine principals, with the new creations, being a metaphor of our own golden child creation.

Creator self and creation self, working aligned as One together, dancing and playing in the field of co-creative conscious Oneness.

Many couples, have experienced in the last 24 hours, levels of Oneness, beyond what there are words, yet to explain. A full meeting of the hearts as one. A living conscious miracle of seeing self in another face. An explosive palpable , fully conscious merging in the physical, a higher frequency of love, ever even thought possible.

I might be able to put this into words in the coming days, as my slow human integrates the experience, into word form, for sharing, what was done.

I have no doubt at all that , this occurred also , in the individual field at the same time and , no doubt that many of our brothers and sisters, without physical mirrors also embodied this new frequency. I look forward very much to hearing about this, seeing this, reading about this in the coming days and weeks.

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