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To the Perfection of Human Love.

There is a frequency of love that aligns to the perfection of universal love, we somehow know, in the depths of our being, as “Oneness” As we allow ourselves to align with this frequency, we literally align with love of self , others and all other selves , all at once. As we release programs of separation we align with the unified field of Oneness, we are no longer a separate entity of love but a shared and unified field of Universal Love. Basically sharing this energy, just in loving each other. My love shared with yours, yours shared with mine, expanding me, expanding you, in perfect alignment , as One. A trinity, of true creation now aligned with hundreds and thousands of other selves, also having aligned with their own trinity field. Our deepest passions become our code of creation, that we share in purity, that becomes our code of love, that we are. A piece of the puzzle in new creation empowered in the greatest force of power, anchored and embodied within, as One. No one, not thing, no event has ever taken from another, but offered, a never ending, continuous flow of expansion, where we all play together, as one. Our love for self matches and aligns with our love for them , our dreams, align with their dreams, everything, all becoming one . We are, each and every one , a bank of infinite loving pure source energy , sharing from the fullness of our beings an ever expanding energy of reverence for self, for each other and humanity . This is the true code of creation, that is US We are , I am , in service to myself, you, and humanity ,in the essence of Universal Love.

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