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Updated: Nov 21, 2020

I was sexually molested throughout most of my childhood which left me a very broken woman. In my early 30’s I began some serious work on myself , through anything I could think of.

I was frightened of men, frightened of women, frightened of everything, even myself . I could barely leave the house because I was so scared of the world.

I tried everything I could possibly think of, and even attended two courses, learning modalities, that were effective, but very complicated and slow.

After ten years of this very painful and traumatic transforming, I was fed up, because I still had so much more to do. I was over, re-suffering the suffering, in to try to heal myself.

I was in a hideously abusive relationship and I really needed some help.

I had a very strong connection with my higher self and I asked her to help me find something to help myself.

She downloaded over a few years, a process that transformed me so dramatically, each time I did another step, I expanded again and again to my natural human self, like I was slowly, consciously and deliberately became merged with my higher self. I left that husband and began living life from a whole new place.

The first part was a clearing tool for me to use, called The Invocation, the second part of thoroughly clearing out my old system of programs, the third part was bringing in the new program and the final part was clearing out collective programs.

Like upgrading a computer, I deleted the old software, installed the new software and was then ready to pull myself out of the collective program. Eg. reprogramming thinks like love, sex, death, life, narcissism, empath, systems, religion, culture, race, etc. etc.

As I did this new work on myself, it was so thorough that I found my self-worth, self-esteem, self value and most importantly my self LOVE were automatically rising. I also noticed, that unlike the previous work I had done, I was no longer experiencing the wounds coming back to visit for another layer. This process was going straight to the core and deleting the program completely from my field. After spending years trying to work out what boundaries even were. I now had automatic healthy boundaries in place.

Everyone was talking about ascending and all I could think was, “wow, I am actually growing up,” not only that but I was becoming a newly balanced woman.

Now that I had cleared my slate, I was ready to create a mirror of love. A conscious relationship, one of love, rather than painful lessons. A while later I met my partner, Todd .

Someone I recognised very quickly as very special to me. We spoke almost daily for 18 months and we decided to meet. I arrived in Houston and it became very evident very quickly that he had a lot of shadow. I could not connect with his human self at all. My personal mantra for myself was, I am not prepared to have an ongoing relationship with my own wounded ego, please don’t be surprised when I refuse to have one with yours.

After about a week he agreed to do this work too. He used it every single day for 4 weeks and came out the other end, also now grown up. I was now able to have a relationship , adult to adult. He calls it boot-camp that I put him through, even though he did every single thing himself.

I run sessions for up to one hour, a one off, to share this process and then observe these amazing people completely stripping back all that has limited them. They very quickly experience great transformation and noticeable change in their lives.

I have never had to have a session for anything with anyone ever since. This has covered all of my needs for energy work, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

I am getting far too busy to be able to keep up with all the session requests and so am thinking about holding a class in the 2nd or 3rd week of June. I intend to charge a very reasonable price to make it affordable. Just putting this out there, to see if there will be enough interest in going ahead with this idea.

There are many many paths up a mountain, I simply share my own.

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