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In this 13 minutes guided meditation,   you will connect with your future self.   There are so many very exciting things that we can do with older versions of self. 


In 2010, I landed in New Orleans, my first trip to America.   It was wild crazy and I had never seen anything like it.  The Saints had won the American Football final and the Mardigras was ON!  We came straight from the airport after a 40 plus something hour flight and  spent hours getting use to all the noise and thousands of people .


When we got back to our house, I showered and went to bed and stayed there oblivious to anything around me.   I woke 42 hours later, no one was able to wake me and when I did wake up,  I felt like I weighed 10 tonne.    I had no idea what had happened and wondered if one of the witches in the street had put a spell on me.    I could hardly move, I had no energy, nothing left at all.


A few hours later, I put myself through a session and was told that I had jet lag.   My higher self told me to bring forth my older version, I think it was me, in about a week forward from that moment.

I was told to merge with this aspect of me who had already been through the jetlag and align fully with that.    A shower and an hour later, I was fully back to normal.  


Every time I have ever travelled overseas since that time and it has been a lot, I have done this process before I left and never suffered jetlag again.  I have suffered tiredness on some flights from not sleeping, but after a sleep and  I am  immediately myself again.


I have also used this process for people suffering grief after the death of a loved one, to have them align or merge with the aspect of themselves who have already found peace.  I have used it for sea sickness,  I have used it over and over and over again.

I have had my older self come in numerous times, to teach me things, which has been extraordinary and I have learned so much using this process.


If you had the opportunity to assist a younger version of you through something,  you would do anything you could to do so.   Our older selves, absolutely want to assist us in any way they can.


Working with an older version of yourself

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