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Welcome to Zero Pointing explained.

"We always travel through perceived darkness and shadow, always aware of the light, when we remember this, as our true nature, the light will always be found".
- Morgan Lee


Your path to self embodied sovereignty.

From our own personal experiences, and with the divine guidance of source, it is now our intention to pass on this incredibly powerful technique that effectively neutralizes all unconscious limitation within you. 

This technique is a fully self empowering process where you will learn about the deepest aspects of yourself, at the same time as zero pointing the polarities within the self, so that they no longer have control over your life.  The benefits of this will be self evident within 24-48 hours of commencing the work.  


The separated fractals of self will quickly come back into Oneness, leaving a feeling and knowing that with each step taken, more wholeness and completeness is being achieved.  

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This process is like a re-parenting the self, undoing all the unconscious wounds and programs of childhood and adolescence. The programs that were in place from our parents and ancestors that have been creating the painful and traumatic cycles and loops over and over into our reality. 


These unconscious programs have been like our very own veils and as we neutralize them, our connection to higher self, source and universal intelligence becomes stronger and more apparent. 

There are 6 parts to this process.

The first two steps shared in the first session or class.

Step 1 is locating the unconscious programs and zero pointing all of them.

Step 2 is downloading the programming that we do desire to implement into our lives.

The third and forth steps are shared in the second session or class.

Step 3 is locating and zero pointing all of the collective programs we have picked up. 

Step 4 is aligning all of the above work fully embodied into the physical being.

The 5th and 6th steps are shared in a third session or class.

Step 5 is a fully conscious merging of the  feminine, masculine and child fully activating our own trinity. 

Step 6 is merging our own purpose, mission and role, activating and aligning this trinity as one. 

Thank you for being here on this healing journey with us.

We are honoured to connect with you. May we all embody our truly divine, sovereign and sacred nature.

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