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Morgan Lee

Creator and Practitioner

of Zero Pointing 



Zero Pointing  Director/Creator

"Step past the old fear, the old programs, the old masks, open your heart and share your divine self ".

- Morgan Lee

Morgans Journey

With the full support of source, I developed a 6-part process, with specific guidance from my higher self, that consciously and in full self-responsibility allows an individual to re-program themselves, deleting all unconscious programming from their field, being and life.

After spending 13 years doing shadow work on myself, including numerous modalities and being able to remove the traumas from my life, I found that I was still left with limiting programs. I was aware that I needed something that would delete these suffocating patterns from my life so that I could become a sovereign being.


The first thing I was given was a clearing tool called The Invocation. This tool took approximately 12 months to fine tune and learn. 

My higher self then downloaded directly to me the specific steps that I needed to take in order to consciously zero point the programs I still had running and allow a new way of being to take place. 


I learned this over 8 years. It was a very slow process, but I have found that as I have shared it with friends and clients over the years, they are noticing immediate effects within days.


Morgans Mission

The broken scared woman that I was had transformed with each step I took. My self-esteem, self-worth, self-value, self-respect, self-confidence and self-love were constantly raising. I had developed incredibly healthy boundaries, where before I believed I would never be in a relationship again I was now open and trusting myself to be able to, one day.


I later aligned with my partner, and he spent 4 weeks just on the first step,
we were able to have an adult-to-adult relationship, something I had only dreamed of.


During this process, I also noticed that my spiritual abilities were becoming stronger and more fine-tuned, and I began downloading or remembering incredible information of sacred sexuality, Hieros Gamos, sacred union, etc.


My mission became to share this technique with others who also wanted to transform their own lives, and take full responsibility for re-programming the unconscious things that were limiting them in their lives.


Morgans Purpose

My higher self explained to me that humanity was soon to shift out of a dualistic nature and embody the trinity energy, and that zero pointing was going to be a very important factor in this occurring, and those who were going to be neutralizing their own duality would be creating a self-empowerment evolution. Also that there were many ways that this can be done, but I was being given a specific and simple process to make it happen for myself. 


My purpose was to heal myself.

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