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Take a moment to read what Morgan's Clients have said about their experience with Zero Pointing

What a fascinating journey! 

The zero-point process is like nothing I've ever experienced before.  I've done decades of various healing / energy work, which doesn't touch this.  This process cuts to the chase and empowers me to heal myself by releasing the mental, emotional, physical shackles (programs) across all time and space.  It's all about me!  My beautiful, loving essence is free to be, free to breathe, free! 

I am stepping into a higher, more enjoyable state of being and living.  Onward.  With so much gratitude and love.


"I've done my sentence but committed no crime. . . We are the champions!"  - Queen.



Life changing.

Maureen Moss

Hey Morgan.
I have been doing the zero pointing and the changes I am experiencing are truly miraculous and working through the list of emotions.

I love the fact I can take responsibility for my own inner world so thank you for bringing the zero pointing to the earth and sharing it.

It’s so Powerful.

Ruth Freeman


Morgan, I took your glorious class last Thursday July 3.  I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how
profoundly impactful your class has been for me.

After a week of steadily working your program I am shifting in the most delightful ways.  The "space" that's opening within me, I have never known before. Its quite lovely! I thought I had a fairly normal childhood.....  my parents loved and adored me and my sisters and they provided well for us.  I didn't think I had very much to work through.

I didn't realize how much baggage I had taken on by being the off-spring of refugees from Eastern Europe after WW2 and in the aftermath, their experiences with a totalitarian government regime.  I guess you can't clear it if you don't know it's there!
Sitting with myself and reviewing each family member has made me realize the various types of defensive programming that I had taken on and am now letting go of.

In a very short time, your program has lifted a great deal of weight off of me that I didn't even realize was there!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I greatly appreciate you sharing your gift.
I look forward to future classes and going into greater depth. with heart felt appreciation.

Stella Aksel



The invocation process is a gift that allows you to heal your inner world on levels that you cannot even begin to imagine possible.

It allows you to work at your own pace, and yet go deeper than any process I have discovered.  It dissolves old programmes operating that no longer serve the ever evolving human being that you are.  It encourages you to embrace all of the known and unknown aspects that is the driving force behind the wheel of your life, and remember the force that YOU are.

It rewires your heart mind and soul, not only allowing you to zero point and neutralise that energy, but replace it with a newfound, consciously chosen experience infused and empowered by your own free will.

The invocation process is the Liberation, Empowerment and Restoration of the pure unconditional Love that you are and it has transformed my world.  I wish words could efficiently describe the alchemy of this...  they can't.


Melissa Deehan

The Invocation.

My journey with the Invocation began around five years ago.  My Higher Self revealed itself to Morgan when we were in a class setting one day. We went and did a process where I met the Higher aspect of myself for what I thought was the first time.  Shortly after, Morgan began introducing me to the Invocation.  In the following years I Invocated whenever I was stuck on something and found instant clarity and release followed by expansion. 

Recently I have gone back to the beginning and started using the invocation in the steps that Morgan has developed. 
Very quickly the blockages that had diverted me from realising my potential fell away and a new confidence expanded.  The Invocation has assisted me in releasing my wounded child and wounded teenager to embrace the playful and loving aspects of Soul. 

I am finally embracing my Self as the Empowered Adult and stepping forth on the path that had once been hidden behind my wounds. 

The Invocation has transformed my Body, Mind and Spirit to enable me to live an Authentic and Full Life.

Monique Hendrie

Recently, I watched a Live video chat conducted by Morgan and her husband Todd; a video in which Morgan touched on the basics of a modality she uses to balance polarities in the energy fields of herself, her Divine Partner and others.  I resonated with their discussion very deeply and felt compelled to consult Morgan for a session.

After utilizing her technique, I noticed right away and over the following days that my energy field was stronger; yet more supple, and significant shifting and balancing had taken place.  I shared this with a friend with whom I share a close energetic bond, and before I had even spoken with her about it, she and her DM (Divine Masculine) had begun shifting as well.  I have since felt shifting within my own DM, and I've seen outward indication that he is feeling more balanced. 

The most impressive result I have noticed is that I am much more centered within myself and no longer concerned with how my DM or our connections are being impacted - although I know they are because I can see it and feel it. 

I am so deeply grateful to have met Morgan and that she is sharing her intuitive gifts and knowledge with others.  Not only do I resonate with her process and believe in it ... ... I know it works!  I've witnessed it in myself, my friend and in my own Divine Masculine, and if all this isn't convincing enough, observe Morgan and her Divine Masculine and all that is shared by them in their Union!

Blessings and Gratitude. 


Crystal Dawn Hill

As I started this practice I could see programs collapsing in an instant.

Shedding light on the darkest parts brought a profound clarity and collapsed unconscious behaviors, patterns & programs immediately.  Accountability is huge.  Important to process thru the heart to not get caught in the blame and shame.

Powerful practice!

Thank you Morgan for sharing. 


Stephanie Burke

The work of the invocation has released me from very tightly wound internal patterning.  I had no idea my mind and my energy was creating and recreating duality and conflict, until I worked with the invocation from Morgan Lee, and it cleared. 

My reality, my mind, and my energy, has been on a continual slow release since I made the invocation the most essential part of my practice.  What happens is, the polarities and programmes we have and are born with, present as character traits.  We are either the opposite of, or unconsciously similar to, everything our parents carried.  We consistently recreate through our perceptions and thoughts, the exact same stories and experiences over and over again, with copies of these programmes.  I meant: ‘An attachment to any state / idea / belief / characteristic / energy, will create that AND its opposite, over and over again.


My entire life was Groundhog Day until I shifted into working with Morgan.  It is such a simple process, that it seems almost too easy. 

But I have real life examples of how it ‘worked’ to release me.  I held beliefs about myself from abuse.  I held beliefs about the world. These beliefs I considered to be honourable and just.  However, where I hold a position in opposition anywhere in my energetic field, I attract that opposition.  It showed up - abuse / disempowerment / victimhood.  In my thoughts, my unconscious actions and my relationships.  Even my choices to empower myself, came from the same energy or intention of ‘feeling’ like a victim.  If we act from thoughts which are bound in duality, we just keep creating it again and again.  I kept meeting the same dominant, aggressive, unreasonable and unjust energy in my life.  In people and in situations.  The final straw was when an entire institution embodied the energy of my original programming - the original abuse - and I created a reality where I was labelled, shamed, and facing loss of identity AND safety for myself and my unborn.  I used the invocation and had a formal apology from this institution, which should have been ‘honourable, just, caring’... the following day. 


I have been dedicated to completing the undoing of all my old programming since.  Fear exists in our reality because we believe it has to.  Love exists because we believe it has to.  An attachment to either state, will create its opposite. 

The invocation returns you to an internal ‘temperature’ which is spacious, expansive, heart led and POWERFUL.

There are no more triggered creations.  No more dual reactions, no more conflicts, no more extremities.  The divine of each of us within, is found through zero pointing our human attachment to ‘black and white’, ‘good and bad’, ‘right and wrong.’  Transcendent experience, intuitive feeling, self awareness and self celebration... we create from our authentic self, which is living under all this reactive programming and creation.  We are ‘freed.’ 

The invocation freed me to no longer do, I act to ‘prove’ - and no longer is the whole entire world ‘all about me.’  I am in it, but not of it, and experiencing life as it’s true state - an energetic connection to ‘all that is’, and it’s perfection.  I can see a greater design beyond my own original machinations now.  I’m not making up a life from what is lifeless. 

It’s incredible stuff.  Get on it!


Seanin Mouland

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