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In this 12 minute, guided meditation,  you will be guided to locate a morphic field you are interested in merging with, becoming one with. 

My higher self explained morphic fields to me.   Higher self explained  for example doctors,  and that as doctors learn medicine,  there is an energetic field of medical information, that becomes, the collected energy of the data of medicine.     Same with addictions,  for example, someone with a sugar addiction, may be able to step away from sugar, but part of their energy had become enmeshed or entangled with the morphic field of refined sugar and it was now a power unto itself.  That in order to really be free of sugar, it might be  worth, energetically extricating the self, from the morphic field of sugar. 


I have used this, requesting to be connected with a new modality, to down load my own healing technique, to connect with  well know modality and learned or remembered it like the back of my hand,  I have witnessed clients connecting to the morphic field of Reiki and download a whole lot of expansive information.   I have used the morphic field of sugar, to extricate myself from its grasp.  


Accessing and merging with a Morphic Field of energetic information.

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