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In this 18 minutes guided meditation, you will be guided to connect with your higher self to gain direct assistance in understanding what the energetic information was trying to show you. 


If we look at everything as energy and begin to understand that everything is a symbol for energetic intelligence,   that we created to communicate with ourselves and if we understand that there is no difference from a symbol experienced or seen during dream state, meditation or a real life event, we can start break down the symbols to gather important information.


Symbols are data and the data, is created by us to communicate with self in all moments.      A picture, a symbol a metaphor, a story , whether we saw that symbol in every day life, in a dream, in a vision, in a movie, on tv, heard about it from another, read it in a story,  all of it is data,  attempting to communicate with us.  


We can do this quite simply by choosing say three symbols from a dream, an event, a situation, something we saw in a meditation and gathering intel directly from those symbols.



Analyzing Dreams, Situations and Events with your higher self

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