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I received last night and not for the first time and then again today in a group experience, very very loudly.

“the most powerful thing each human could do for themselves right now is eliminate sugar",

as in anything containing processed sugar

Oh I went into an internal fight, but the information continued, as follows:

Sugar is the number one AI frequency on the planet. It affects every single creation, mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. It acts like a shadowed veil upon creation itself, all creation.

It damages cells, RNA, DNA, organs, skin, the nervous systems, energy levels, hormonal system, the pineal gland, all glands, our joints, our bones, it feeds the programs of addiction, limitation, and that shadow becomes contained within ones own field, reiterating, stuck-ness, trapped, frozen, paralyzed, lack of flow of ones of true essence, love, power, creation.

It is the frequency of Sabotage itself and invites ongoing, density at every level. I watched a thin shadowed veil over everything. Makes me think of the term, “sugar coated”

It was created to limit the human in every possible way and energetically it has become a powerful force, acting as a morphic field of limitation. A true form of separation, disconnection, etc.

The morphic field hanging like a dark heavy cloud over humanity, pulling drawing, looshing, harvesting energy, becoming a great power and creation of ongoing addiction programs, feeding off each human and growing more and more in size, stature, power over, control etc.

They explained that the frequency of regeneration was now available as a code within the new earth grid and in order to align with this code, the human would detach from sugar, to allow for regeneration to commence.


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Sugar Coated Guided Meditation

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