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A 29.38 minute guided meditation to neutralize the shadowed trinity dynamic of the Victim, Perpetrator Martyr/Rescuer.


Victim to Victim, both victims, become the perpetrator energy in the blaming , projection on to each other.


Perpetrator to Perpetrator, coming from a stance of blame, projection, via the inner victim.


Martyr/Rescuer to Martyr/Rescuer,   self sacrificing, story telling, perpetuating, what once was and keeping it active in the field.


Any time, we partake in one role, all three are playing out at the same time. Wow, the mind, flips as it truly attempts to understand this truth.


This is such a powerful, harvesting , syphoning program, contract, agreement that  all those who still have it active in their field are currently neutralizing.


$12.12 USA

Victim Perpetrator Martyr/Rescuer Dynamic

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