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This 17 minute guided meditation will assist with a direct connection to a wounded or distorted aspect of self. 


There are many things we can play with in this area, distorted aspects of self may be personality traits, a stuck self at a certain age, over active or underactive archetypes playing out, missing values, such as greed, sloth, pride, gluttony, envy, lust, wrath, the aspects in control of our addictions, a distorted feminine, our distorted masculine, our distorted views of Mother, Father, a victim self, a saboteur self, the manipulator, the narcissist. 


This process, although it seems small, can be very powerful and life changing, very quickly.  These aspects become overlays or even foundational sets of programs and patterns stuck in the self, that keep creating ongoing layers, spirals and cycles that we become trapped in.  Some can be so debilitating that we have set massive walls of protection around them as they were more often than not created by us as a defence mechanism, based on a trauma we experienced in childhood or teenage years.  Sometimes they are so hidden that we ourselves can’t even find a way in.  When this happens, it can often be something that can be cleared with zero attachment in a proxy session.  Or sometimes, it is so ready to go, that the higher self can do this instantly. Other times, a team or a specialist might come to assist.  If the client or a friend or yourself has any attachment to it, it can be difficult to work with, but when it is done there is often a very noticeable shift in the whole personality. 


Working with a wounded or distorted aspect of self.

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