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This is a 14  minute guided meditation to be able to converse with and transform our DNA guiding both the delete something or activate something desired. 


Imagine if we could communicate directly with our DNA,  if we could see or feel it and ask it to show us family patterns, physical imbalances,  hereditary issues or disease,  activations available with dormant codes,  ancestral programming for example the war gene, passed down from Great grand parents,  hunger from past life or family starvation etc.

I have found that some people will bring up DNA strands, others might play with their DNA as a garden, or a graph, perhaps a house where each room represents an area to work in.


Imagine also,   wanting to know more about an interest.  Lets say Sacred Sexuality.  We can work directly with the DNA, asking it if we have dormant sacred sexuality codes within our own DNA. 


Working with and transforming your own DNA.

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