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I have been very lucky to have had a very strong connection with my higher-self over the past 4 years and with my higher-self assistance, I have co-created and developed over 65-70 processes and have created a training manual for, firstly, expanding the connection between self and higher self and so many, fun, wonderful and powerful processes one can do with a buddy, with a client and by yourself.

In this 10 hour course offered over a four week period, for 2.5 hours for each session,   we will cover the following:






Remembering how to connect with your higher self and expand that connection.

Learning some very cool tricks to overcome, any beliefs that you or your client can’t have a strong and powerful

connection to your higher self.  Being able to assist a friend or client to be able to see.

Remembering how to soul merge with another and what the gifts of being able to do this, including the process being the starter beginning part of steps for Heiros Gamos.

Remembering how to play with dimensional travel, astral travel, light body travel, including visiting lights cities or spaceships, inner earth, other dimensions,  etc.





Remembering how to do Proxy work, specifically used for trauma, survivor, addiction and ptsd.

Playing with our own DNA. Blue Prints, aura’s, body, matrix’s etc. and bringing those parts to their highest potentials.   Activating your own DNA, changing your own blue prints for example.

Remembering how to very powerfully communicate with your own dreams, visions and daily experiences, to gain  you own understanding of what you were trying to learn for yourself and how to then play with the energy of the m for transformation

Remembering how to create powerful circles, merging and playing in Oneness.




Playing with the golden particles of creation for conscious manifestation.

Playing with morphic fields a downloading energetic information.  A fast tracking for learning.

Remembering how to communicate with animals, innate objects, crystals, stones, tree’s mountains etc.

And some other topics we will cover might be learning about, house clearing, shifting times lines, transforming ancestral programs, chakra work, aura work,  connecting with deities, guides, inner child, inner teenager, old self, future self, past life selves,  etc.